A New Earth Breathwork For Manifestation $22

Welcome to A New Earth: Breathwork for Manifestation. 

This one hour healing journey was transmitted on December, 20th 2020, the threshold of the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

We are entering a New Paradigm, the time of the Humanitarian. A time that has been predicted for generations and we are now beginning to step into it as a collective. The earth is rising in frequency and expanding energetically, can you feel it? It's asking us to dissolve our edges and expand ourselves. 

What future are you manifesting for your life?

It's time to clear your energy and call it in.

See you on the inside! 

$22.00 USD

I understand that Breathwork utilizes therapeutic conversation, dynamic breath, essential oils, guided meditation, laying on of hands, and music, and may result in intense emotional release and strong physical experiences.  Because this process may trigger an emotional reaction, I understand that any issues arising from my voluntary participation in Breathwork may require additional therapeutic support.  I understand that Breathwork is designed to enhance the overall quality of life and is in no way a substitute for psychotherapy.