Energy Budget Mastery Masterclass $111

A 2-hour Spirit-Led Biz Masterclass detailing the ins and outs of how to master the art of bookkeeping. 

This Masterclass is for you if...

You spend money just as fast as you make it 
Money is a major source of anxiety in your life 
You want to save yourself a sh*t ton of time, energy, and drama around tax season
👉🏼You have the desire to heal your relationship with finances
👉🏼You're brand new to bookkeeping and accounting OR
👉🏼You know what you need to do but have major resistance around bookkeeping 

👉🏼You want to scale your business in a way that creates room for accessibility AND meets your needs/desires
👉🏼You wanna hang out with your finances in a super fun inspiring, trauma-informed, and loving environment with like-minded spirit-led entrepreneurs.


✨Embodiment Practice for creating safety around your finances 
✨A customizable personal/biz budget template download that I will walk you through in DETAIL 
✨Journal prompts I asked myself to start earning, spending, investing, and saving like a CEO

✨Q+A session
✨Dance Party

Money is just another energy to guide and play with inside your life and business. 

I love this topic so much and cannot wait to pour this goodness into your spirit-led biz. 🎉

Big love, 


PLEASE NOTE: I’m NOT an accountant. I’m NOT giving you financial advice. I'm only guiding you through practices that have helped me heal my relationship with money, scale my business, increase savings, and clean up energy leaks in my financial health to create more peace, ease, and flow around the topic of money.

$111.00 USD