Are you struggling to confidently express yourself and share your message with the world?

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Welcome to 7 Days To Liberate Your Voice:

A self-paced healing journey to activate your breath, heal your voice, tap into your higher purpose, and unleash your creativity in 7 days.

Is this course for me?

Is this course for me?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your creativity, your higher purpose, or your soul’s voice?

  • Do you feel anxious at the thought of going "live" on social media or posting something vulnerable? 

  • Do you struggle with confidence/self-worth around expressing yourself and sharing your message online?

  • Is your voice often tight, tense, or fatigued? Are you frustrated with the way your voice sounds or feels?

  • Do you struggle with speaking what's truly in your heart for fear of judgment or ridicule?

  • Are you done staying small by silencing and censoring your truth just to make everyone else happy?

The time of dimming your light to fit in is over. You've come to the right place to liberate yourself and step fully into the radiant and magnetic being you were born to be. 

You are worthy of feeling in alignment with your purpose and mission in this life.  You were born to make a difference by simply being your authentic self.  Deep down you know it, and your body is itching and ready for the next level. 

You are so not alone, and guess what? There's something you can do about it.

I’m Lydia, and I'm so honored and excited that you're here!  Together we’re going to uncover, and release everything that’s been holding you back from living a life of authentic self-expression.  In 7 days, I'll guide you through a step-by-step self-healing process to empower you with proven tools and practices to liberate yourself from the comfort of your own home.

By freeing yourself, you inspire others to do the same.  It's time to let all parts of you be fully seen, heard, and loved.  I see you, and I cannot wait to cheer you on inside 7 Days to Liberate Your Voice.  We've got this! 

What will I get out of this course?

What will I get out of this course?
  • Heal any fears and insecurities around speaking your truth and sharing your gifts

  • Tap into a limitless supply of creative inspiration and receive downloads straight from your higher self 

  • Activate the transformational healing power of your breath and release any resistance to speaking your truth from your mind, body, and spirit

  • Discover how to amplify your speaking voice to broadcast your message out into the world and attract ideal clients/soul family

  • Journey with a variety of self-healing practices and modalities to open, activate, and heal your throat chakra

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your life and take aligned action at your own pace


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Course Features


Access powerful healing modalities anytime to heal at your pace. Journey through powerful breathwork healing, guided meditations, affirmations, and chanting to binaural beats for ultimate release and relaxation.


Discover more about the throat chakra through an interactive healing e-book with recommended self-healing practices, herbs, essential oils, and crystals. Give voice to your thoughts with daily free-writing journal prompts.


Receive lifelong access to all course content and updates to continue your healing journey anytime you need to liberate your voice. Your "7 days" can happen anytime at any pace.

What's Inside?

  • Day 1: Find Clarity, Set Intentions, Receive: Take a deeper look at your relationship to your voice through guided video, an audio recording, and journal prompts exercises.

  • Day 2: Discover the Throat Chakra & Breathwork: Dive into all things throat chakra through an interactive e-book and start activating your breath with 10 min of breathwork.

  • Day 3: Activate Your Breath & Liberate Your Voice: Get ready to go deep in a 44 min breathwork experience with original oceanic scoring to binaural beats, grounding audio check-in, and a free-writing exercise.

  • Day 4: Chant, Sing, and Speak with Confidence: Heal your throat chakra and build your confidence with a vocal masterclass, chanting exercise, and journal prompts.

  • Day 5: Speak it into Existence with Affirmations: Use your voice to make your desires a reality with a guided affirmation meditation and create your own mantras.

  • Day 6: Grounding in Gratitude: Integrate your experience with a deep oceanic meditation with binaural beats to ground and anchor in your new reality. Cultivate gratitude with guided journal prompts.

  • Day 7: Reflection & Implementation: Reflect on your journey, implement, plan, and write your Liberate Your Voice Manifesto.

Course Investment: $57

Receive Lifetime Access to 7 Days to Liberate Your Voice with a one-time purchase of only $57.  (Nope, that’s not a typo) I believe everyone deserves to learn how to speak their truth.  

10% of every purchase goes to Black Women Birthing Justice.  Invest in yourself or give the gift of healing to a loved one. 










What is the throat chakra?

First, let’s talk about the chakra system itself.  The word “chakra” comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and translates to “energy center or wheel.” There are 7 major chakras (energy vortexes) in the body, beginning from the base of the spine all the way up to just above the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to a ductless gland in the body (ie: pineal, thyroid).

When our chakras are out of balance or blocked, we can feel a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, and being stuck. It’s perfectly normal for our chakras to get out of alignment...after all, we’re not perfect and life happens! The good news is, there are SO many self-healing practices you can call upon to recalibrate and clear your chakras so they return to their natural energetic state of flow and ease.

The throat chakra, or 5th of the 7 commonly acknowledged chakras, is the energetic seat of our communication and self-expression. It’s seen by many as the gateway for the soul and the bridge connecting the head and heart.

When our throat chakra is clear and activated, it allows our creative vision to align with our reality. We’re able to receive, articulate, and execute inspirational downloads from our higher Self and birth them into the world with ease.

What is Breathwork and where did you do your training?

Breathwork is an active form of guided meditation that utilizes dynamic breath to release stuck energy in the body. This self-healing safely released stuck emotions from the body to leave you feeling lighter, relaxed and refreshed.

The practice is a two-part inhale followed by an exhale, all done while lying down. I'll guide you through the experience, offering words of encouragement, and emotional support.  The active breath is followed by a passive resting state to drop into deep relaxation.  

I am certified in David Elliot’s Breathwork Healer Training through both David and Erin Telford, and in Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline Giles. I have a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from The Hartt School of Music and a Masters in Vocal Performance from Florida State University. 

Do I need to be tech savvy to take this course? Is there a lot of screen-time?

Not at all!  If you can work Netflix, this will be a piece of cake!  The course takes place in kajabi and I'll walk you through each and every step. There are videos to stream, audio lessons, guided meditations, and PDFs to download and print (optional), and a comments section to communicate directly with me and team #liberateyourvoice.  

As far as screentime goes, the videos are on average under 6 minutes, with the exception of 1 30 min masterclass.  The rest of the material is meant to do offline and away from the screen.  If you prefer to rest your eyes and receive instruction aurally, this course is for you! 

Do you have to know anything about the chakra system or energy healing to take this course?

Absolutely not!  If you've never heard of the word chakra or energy healing before today, it's all good.  No previous experience or any spiritual belief system is required.  All you need is an open heart and a curious mind.

Do I have to finish the course in 7 days to experience all the benefits?

Definitely not!  I'd say each day is about 60-90ish minutes worth of material.  Some people will want to spend 1 week with each module, and some might want to breeze right through in 7 days.  It's all up to you and how you choose to define your 7 days.  There's a checklist to keep you organized and motivated throughout the course, and I'll be available to you in the comments section should you have any questions along the way. The pacing is all up to you, and that's the beauty of an on-demand course!

Is this course all individual? Are there any live or group components?

Everything in this course is pre-recorded, meaning you'll have on-demand lifetime access to take this at your own pace.  While there are no live components, I'm active in the chat/comments section to support your journey and answer any questions.

Can I take this course if I'm pregnant?

Yes!  As always, it's advised to speak with your doctor before engaging in breathwork.  I've been in trainings and have held space for clients who are pregnant with modifications ie: lying on your side with a pillow to support you, breathing at a slower pace, and as always, listen to the cues of your body above all else.

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