Are you ready to heal from the trauma that’s been holding you back from loving yourself unconditionally, just as you are?


Are you ready to liberate yourself from the stories of the past that are negatively affecting your relationships, health, career, confidence, and sense of purpose?

 What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way any longer?


Welcome, beautiful soul. You’ve come to the right place.


We can’t tell you how often we talk to spiritual folks on the recovery path who feel stuck in stories of the past.


They say, “I’ve tried all the affirmations, countless therapy sessions, and it barely scratches the surface.  I feel like there’s a deeper layer preventing me from truly loving myself unconditionally…I just have no idea how to access it.”


Can you relate?


If this is resonating, Liberate Your Body was created just for you. In this 6-month re-parenting journey, we’ll help you go from feeling stuck with the pain of the past to finally FREE in your mind, body, and spirit. 

This Sounds Like Everything I Need

How Do I Get In?

We’re Lydia and Kelvin, and not so long ago our lives looked very different then they do today.

Meet Lydia

A Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator and Healing Guide 


For me, the path of recovery started 11 years ago with healing from an eating disorder, childhood sexual abuse, and complex PTSD.  I had a wonderful therapist, had read every recovery book I could get my hands on, (and it helped a lot!) but years later I still felt trapped and unsafe in my body.  Old patterns and thoughts still “ran the show” and I kept searching for love outside of myself through work, money, and accomplishments.  No matter what I did, I never felt like enough.  I felt bitter, anxious, overwhelmed, and lost.  I acted out and frequently hurt the people I loved the most, and all my relationships suffered. 


Everything changed when I discovered breathwork in 2017. For the first time, I had a way to process and release unfelt emotions that kept me trapped in a loop and replaying out the same old patterns of the past. The childhood trauma in my adult body finally started melting away…creating space for what I was really searching for all along…LOVE. The kind of love that you feel in your DNA, the kind of love that scoops you up like a lost little lamb and gently brings you back to the flock. The kind of Divine Love that sets you FREE. 


I’ve completely closed the chapters on disordered eating and sexual abuse.  I’ve forgiven the past, and learned to embody a deeper layer of unconditional self-love that I never thought was possible for someone like me.. And when life gets sticky and new layers of healing pop up to be “worked,”, I now have the tools to tend to the parts inside that hurt. 


No matter what you've been through, I believe we all have the power to liberate ourselves from our past and live a life of peace and authenticity.  I’d love to show you how breathwork can open up portals of LOVE within you, just waiting to welcome you home.


Meet Kelvin

Award-winning Sound Healer, Published Author, Co-Founder of SoulCare Love LLC & Recovery Support Specialist


I’m Kelvin and I believe the recovery path IS the healing path. 

After many years of battling with depression, anxiety, and drug addiction I finally found freedom from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription opiates in a drug treatment program within prison.

It was inside this prison program I learned about alternative healing practices like sound healing, yoga, meditation, and journaling that completely altered the course of my life.

By going within I was able to see why I turned to drugs and alcohol to relieve emotional distress, pain, toxic stress, and unprocessed childhood trauma.

Even though these substances gave me a temporary sense of relief, they ultimately led to negative consequences impacting all aspects of my life.

Through holistic healing practices, I was able to address the root cause of my addictive states and begin walking the path of healing.

I'm proud to say I've been sober since March 6, 2009, and have built a life of holding space for people to HEAL.

The insight I receive from a daily sound healing practice has allowed me to shift the way I see myself, the world, and our whole human family for the better.

My friend Nikki Myers, Founder of Yoga and 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) often says that the “issues live within our tissues.”

The trauma and stress we experienced in our lives are all stored in the body. Our cells have memory and our bodies keep score of everything we experience on this journey we call life.

It's why I'm such a big believer that the key to healing is through somatic (body-based) practices, like sound healing and breathwork.

Inside Liberate Your Body, we'll guide you on the path of healing to release the trauma, stress, and stuck energy held in your body to create space for the REAL you.

We're Lydia and Kelvin... two healers with very different lived experiences, connected through a common goal of guiding folks back to love.


Together, we’ve been bringing transformational healing experiences to Connecticut since 2019... and now we're going global, baby!


We're so honored to be your guides on the healing path because we're the living embodiment that this sh*t actually works.


It's not a pipe dream.

It's not just for the "lucky ones."

No matter what you've been through, it's never too late for you to heal.

So, what exactly is included inside Liberate Your Body?

This virtual healing journey includes..


  • The complete 10-module Liberate Your Body core curriculum outlined below.. (potent, no-fluff video trainings, audio transmissions, guided meditations, embodiment exercises, workbooks, and micro-action steps to integrate into daily life) 

  • 10 potent ceremony-style breathwork + sound healing classes with Live Coaching + Support. Biweekly on Mondays at 6pm EST. All calls are recorded. Live attendance not required for your transformation. 

  • Private Facebook Community. Ask questions and connect with your peers for accountability and connection throughout your healing journey. 

  • 1 month of Integration Support with Lydia and Kelvin inside Facebook Community. 


PHASE 1: The Foundations of Healing

  • Module 1: Orientation. Welcome and Introduction to the Foundations of Healing.  Setting yourself up for success. Connect with your peers and accountability partner (optional) inside FB community.  

Intention Setting Ceremony (June 26th 6pm EST) 


  • Module 2: Resourcing. Connecting with your healing guides.  Introduction to Breathwork + Sound Healing. Altar Creation.  


  • Module 3: Your Blueprint of Health. Identifying and resourcing with your innate blueprint of health. 

Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony (July 10th 6pm EST)

PHASE 2: Healing the Inner Child

Guest Facilitators on Ancestral Healing and Racial Trauma as well as Queer and Gender Identities Trauma Healing TBA 

  •  Module 4: Exploring Core Needs. Introduction to the Reparenting Journey. Identifying your unique core needs of belonging. 

Reparenting Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony (July 24th 6pm EST) 


  • Module 5: Embodied Boundaries. Introduction to Gatekeeping.  Boundary exploration.  Somatic techniques for boundary repair.

Embodied Boundaries Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony (August 7th 6pm EST) 


  • Module 6: Personal Power. Exploring addiction, control, ego, sustainable recovery, burnout and reclaiming sacred rest. Somatic technique for releasing and dissolving anger. 

Personal Power Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony (August 21 6pm EST) 


  • Module 7: Creative Expression. Tapping into your creative life force energy. Pleasure and Play as medicine. Somatic techniques for healing depression, anxiety, and shame. 

Creative Expression Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony (September 11 6pm EST)


PHASE 3: Rebirth


  •  Module 8: Liberating LOVE. Navigating Grief, Ego Death, and Forgiveness. Accessing Universal, Unconditional Love Codes. 

Unconditional LOVE Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony September 25 6pm EST


  • Module 9: Intuition Activation. Activating your inner wise one, aligning with your highest self, intuition recalibration, somatic techniques for manifestation.

Intuition Activation Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony October 16th 6pm EST 


  • Module 10: Liberation + Integration. Liberation Codes. Reflection and Celebration!  A guide to integration and next steps. 

Closing: Breathwork + Sound Healing Ceremony October 30th


PHASE 4: Integration


  • 1 month of Integration Support with Kelvin and Lydia inside private FB Community. Ongoing peer support and connection inside Alumni Group.


*Dates and Times subject to change*

"Kelvin does great work, very friendly, open and compassionate! It feels like an automatic safe space when you enter a room Kelvin is doing a sound healing in. Also very unique sound healing that you won’t get elsewhere! "

"(Lydia) I'm so grateful you've entered my life. The wisdom you generously share is truly life changing. I'm so thirsty for all of it!" 

"Kelvin is a gifted sound healer and such a light in this world. Anyone who has the opportunity attend one of his sound healing sessions is truly blessed."

"so much love to you (Lydia). I wouldn't have felt comfortable posting / being on social media like this or even starting this business! You have brought so much magic into my life."


We invite you to take a deep breath and imagine what's possible for your life...


What would it be like if you could wake up each morning feeling confident that no matter what the day brings, you have the tools to ride the waves as they come?

To feel fully alive, present, and deeply in love with the life you’ve created?

To no longer feel held captive by the stories, traumas, and dramas of the past..but actually GRATEFUL they led you to where you are today? 

To experience relationships of mutual respect, healthy boundaries, and acceptance just as you are? 

To have such an unbreakable embodied experience of unconditional LOVE for all parts of you (especially the parts that have been deemed “unlovable”)?


The past doesn’t have to define your future any longer. 
We want you to know that you (YES, you) are worthy all of this…and so much more. 
Allow us to guide you on the path to liberate your body.

I'm Ready to Feel Liberated

I'm Joining!

What are past Liberate Your Body clients saying?


“Liberate Your Body alongside therapy, legitimately changed my life. I was in my lowest point. Finding childhood trauma that I had thought of was resolved come bubbling up over and over and over again. I took the leap and joined Liberate Your Body thinking I would unlock some trauma that needed to be resolved. And in all actuality, my whole thinking about myself changed. 


I was able to give more grace for myself And honor the parts of me that I felt were not acceptable. It was a container full of women who saw me, all of me, and provided me with an opportunity to get to know myself on a different level. 


I was totally skeptical about doing it. I knew nothing about crystals or moon signs, sun signs, etc. it was a space we’re all bodies. All souls were welcome. And I felt that, even though I had never done breathwork before. Breathwork proved  to be a challenge for me. I mostly slept through all of that work.  

I have often read back the journals that I wrote during this class and I’m so proud of myself for all that I have accomplished. Thank you to Lydia for creating the space. If you have any hesitation this is your sign to sign up. While I was in the container, I met my now husband got engaged and moved across the country. I would not have had the confidence in myself to do this prior to this class.”

- Katie

Are you ready to make your liberation a non-negotiable in your life?


We invite you to join us in a transformational healing journey to the heart.


Liberate Your Body offers a sliding scale, pay-what-supports-you pricing model for lifetime access to this course. 

We believe pricing shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing support on your healing journey.

Please review the criteria below to discern which pricing is best aligned for you at this time.  

Our pricing model is inspired by the Green Bottle Model from Worts + Cunning.

Tier 1


or 6 payments of $188

  • You have access to funds to cover the cost of living/basic needs (food, shelter, childcare, etc) although sometimes it feels like a stretch. 
  • You’re able to set aside funds to invest in yourself, but selecting the middle tier might put you in a place of temporary financial instability affecting your ability to cover the cost of your basic monthly needs.
I'm In

Tier 2


or 6 payments of $377

  • You have access to stable income 
  • You might be paying off debt or  building savings
  • You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how you’ll cover the cost of living/basic needs/healthcare, etc 
  • Investing in this course might involve temporarily getting creative and cuting back on some “wants” in your life (vacations, going out to restaurants, or your daily Starbucks) 
  • Investing in this course might be a short-term stretch, but won’t put you in a place of long-term financial instability
I'm In

Tier 3


or 6 payments of $555.55

  • You have access to financial security, savings, own property, and/or expect to receive an inheritance 
  • You’re able to pay for “wants” 
  • You spend little-no time thinking about how you’ll cover the cost of living/basic needs 
  • You’re in a place of economic privilege and power 

When you select this tier, you’re directly “paying it forward” to create more access for those with less financial resources.


I'm In
When you Pay in Full you'll receive
the Liberated Body Box (custom aura clearing spray, embodiment oil, and Kelvin's Sipping Cacao Blend) as our gift to you (free shipping to US)


This is your invitation to lean into the Honor System.  By opting into a lower tier when you honestly can afford a larger investment, you’re limiting access to those who might require the financial support at this time. 

If joining Liberate Your Body involves getting creative in your financial spending habits short-term in order to invest in your long-term health and well-being, we kindly ask you to lean into your inner knowing before using the sliding scale. 

Thank you for helping us co-create a more equitable and accessible healing community!


We're not here claiming that Liberate Your Body is a one-stop-cure-all for healing.

We're not here to HEAL you.

We're here to create an intentional, safe space to help you connect with the healer that already exists within YOU.

If you're ready to liberate the inner healer within, we'd love to invite you to join us inside Liberate Your Body.

Whatever you're calling into your life...

Whether that's a

- Dream Relationship

- Child

- Career Change

- New Home

- More financial stability

- Self-Love

or whatever else is on your heart

It ALL lives in the body.

Inside Liberate Your Body we teach you how to make SPACE and free up energy that's been trapped and keeping you stuck in the stories of the past.

Wanna see a change?

It's up to you to take the first step & Spirit will meet you there.

I'm Ready to Join

Let's Do This